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Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis


Karuna follows a holistic approach which includes lifestyle advice with diet, herbs, yoga and meditation in accordance with your body type (vata ,pitta or kapha) and thus helps in bringing more balance, energy and peace to your overall wellbeing. The personalised health program you receive as part of your consult will empower you to restore mind- body balance and re-energise your life. The aim of the program is to advice a daily healthy lifestyle routine and also support to incorporate these new habits into your everyday life which is nourishing, long lasting and prevents illness. Your first ayurvedic consultation generally takes 90 minutes and follow-up visits 30-45mintues. The initial consultation will consists of detailed personal case history and a physical assessment as below:

Personal Case History includes

  • Pulse, Dosha (body-mind constitution), face and tongue assessment.
  • Personal history
  • Family history
  • Drug history
  • Lifestyle details
  • Physical assessment or clinical examination can include detailed assessment of these systems:
    • Musculo-skeletal system
    • Nervous system
    • Digestive system
    • Cardiovascular system
    • Respiratory system

A detailed ‘Management plan’ is drawn out in agreement with the patient and treatment plan will consist of prescribed herbal formulas, diet plan, and yoga practice and ayurvedic therapies like massage. In Ayurveda there are 500 species of herbs which are used to treat the different diseases. They are in form of pills, powders, resins, oils and wine of herbs.