90 minutes for $95.00

Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation for 90 minutes will specifically outline how you can improve your diet,lifestyle and daily exercises regimen to prevent diseases and longevity of life on principles of ayurveda. It is aimed in achieving long-term health and wellness goals of an individual through a step by step approach to assist through lifestyle changes with diet and detox advice .It follows a holistic approach towards good health. What to expect from Lifestyle Consultation;

  • Detailed analysis of the body’s constitution ( Vatta, Pitta and Kapha)
  • Diet plan according to your dosha analysis and vIkriti or imbalance.
  • Provide the support and diet advice to the client and create an ayurvedic wellness program.
  • Daily goals to balance the mind- body connection on everyday basis.
  • Support to the clients to take control of their health and wellbeing.
  • Ayurvedic wisdom and approach on seasonal changes and six tastes.
  • Introducing spices and how to use them in food.
  • Ayurvedic cooking session’s to instruct healthy nutritious meal plan and recipes.