This is an intensely soothing massage treatment, in which warm herbal oils is applied to the lower back area using a dam (container) made from dough.

Kati Vasti is highly effective in relieving lower back pain and any complaints affecting the abdomen.

Kati Basti – 45 minutes – $95.00

This includes the irritable bowel syndrome, Lumbar spondylosis, Sciatica, endometriosis, menstrual and urinary tract disorders.

The treatment is usually followed by Nadi Sveda or localised steam treatment. There are various Basti treatments offered based on the location of the body.

Janu Basti: located on the knee and done for arthritis ,knee pain.

Hridaya Basti: placed on the heart area.It works to improve the functioning of the heart .

Griva Basti: placed on the upper portion of the back and neck and especially done for cervical spondylosis ,neck pain and frozen shoulder .