Getting Better Sleep

Getting Better Sleep

“I was experiencing very large fibroids and associated issues over more than 5 years including worsening anemia to a critical level, requiring a number of iron and blood transfusions. My skin had become yellow and my teeth were greying.
I got to the point where I wasn’t able to sleep for months as my adrenals/liver/heart were working
over time. Karuna was able to help to support my body with powerful and effective Ayurvedic herbs throughout this ordeal and in particular, to help me sleep. How deeply too! I couldn’t believe it. I had to reduce the herbs as my sleep was too deep and I had difficulty waking up! Now that’s the kind of sleep I like!
In the end a hysterectomy (which I considered to be a last resort) was indicated and Karuna assisted me greatly in making the decision by having both a medical and Ayurvedic approach to the situation.

I’ve known Karuna for a few years now and she always has a remedy for ailments I or my family and friends might have. She is currently treating my partner for severe varicose veins. He has noticed much improvement -a reduction in leg ulceration, itchiness, and protrusion of veins and an overall improvement in how his legs feel.

His persistent cough has also improved with the ayurvedic herbs.”

I highly recommend Karuna as she’s highly experienced in ayurvedic medicine.

– by Sonya