Relief from Amenorrhea, digestive issues, candida and low energy

Relief from Amenorrhea, digestive issues, candida and low energy

This is a detailed review of Karuna Healing to help people decide if it’s right for you.

For the past 5 years I’ve seen specialist doctors, an integrative medicine doctor, many naturopaths and a Chinese medicine doctor to help me heal from amenorrhea, digestive issues, candida and low energy. I’ve been seeing Karuna for nearly 3 months and WOW she has helped me in so many areas as seen below:

karuna takes a very holistic approach to healing including aspects of your mind, body and soul in her treatments. Your body is a whole unit and you can’t just give supplements to fix a chronic issue. She has taught me the power of my mind and stressing less for good health. Now I hardly get any bloating at all (which is amazing for me) and my digestion has been dramatically improving. I have been incorporating foods that I thought I was intolerant to back in my diet without much discomfort. and after three years of amenorrhea I now have a healthy cycle back. Her experience and knowledge in treating many health problems was apparent to me on my first consult with Karuna. Without telling Karuna what symptoms I was experiencing she already knew through her traditional tongue and eye diagnosis. I was amazed!

During my time with Karuna she has taught me so much. She’s empowered me with knowledge of using my mind, proper cooking methods and using spices to balance my body. I’ve been to one of her cooking classes which gives you great insight into cooking foods properly for your body type.

With Karuna you are not just another patient. What I found most amazing is that she looks after her clients so well and truly cares about their health and how they are going, just like a friend would.

I personally recommend Karuna 110% if you are looking to achieve better health from a person who is experienced, knowledgeable and truly cares about you.

– by Danielle Dutschke