More than 500 Species of herbs are used as medicines in Ayurveda – the science of life. In traditional herbal medicine, herbs have been treating different diseases from the root cause. The herbs used in Ayurveda have diverse chemical formulation. They are effective in combating diseases, when taken according to the recommended doses and instructions. They produce very few or no side effects. Some herbs are used as general tonic to clean, nourish and rebuild on a cellular level, while others have affinity for a specific system or organ of the body. Know the effects of herbs in Ayurveda and their usage, in the following lines. They are used as in different forms as powders, tablets, tonics & rasayan jams.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine

  • Herbs in Ayurveda help a great deal in proper absorption and digestion of food.
  • Herbs can be used as preventive medicines as well. Sometimes, they are also used to strengthen the immune system.
  • Apart from strengthening the immune system, the herbs can also give a boost to the system.
  • In case a person is attacked by flu, viruses or suffering from any kind of bacterial infection, then the Ayurvedic practitioners usually prescribe herbs that are mixed with other herbs or consumed individually, to cure such conditions.