Ghee is the most satvic and ancient food which builds ojas or immunity and vitality of the body. Ghee is nourishing and gives strength to the body and mind.It balances all tridoshas especially Vata and Pitta and minimal use for Kapha type.

Ghee can be prepared and stored in for months as it doesn’t get rancid. According to ayurvedic medicine the older ghee has more healing properties for mental illness like epilepsy and psychic disorders.

Ghee Preparation;

Take 500 gm of butter and cook the butter gently over moderate heat for approximately 15 minutes.

While preparing the ghee, a layer of foam will start surfacing on the top either it can be removed or it will slowly settle as sediments in the end. Stir the pan occasionally and avoid burning . After sometime it will turn golden yellow and boil silently, that is the stage when it is done. Let it cool and pour in a clean sterilized container leaving the sediment in the pan.

Ghee is ready to be used for cooking.